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06/04/23— The Underground is now mobile friendly! Also, DesireeArmfeldtPodfic transformed A Hundred Hundred Bolts of Satin into a podfic!

09/19/22 — Wrote a 15 sentence Star Trek Reboot fic for the OTW's 15-year anniversary fanworks challenge: Strange New Worlds, Etc.

07/11/21 — Teyla's having one of those days where your coworkers drive you nuts. A Hundred Hundred Bolts of Satin, a Stargate Atlantis fic about cooperation and not killing your teammates.

03/10/19 — Look at us in our new digs! Thanks to the generosity of our kind benefactor esteefee, the Underground has a new home. So I can continue to be hot pink in the privacy of my own personal web space.

05/26/18 — Real long time no see. It's just I've been working on this Stargate Atlantis fic for about five years. The Hot Phlebotomist, starring John Sheppard as a hot phlebotomist.

08/14/14 — John fights zombies; Rodney fights to get him dressed. Brains, a Stargate Atlantis fic.

11/09/13 — How about we party like it's 2011 with a post-DADT Stargate Atlantis fic? Let's: Brass.

06/14/13 — And now, the source of all those anonymity play drabbles: Just Say When, a Stargate Atlantis fic.

05/26/13 — New Stargate Atlantis fic Unstitch has Rodney McKay in panties! Also, check it out, mific made a podfic from my due South story The Lipstick Mafia.

01/14/13 — Surprise! Another Stargate Atlantis drabble about anonymity: Blind Date.

01/12/13 — Bonus anonymity play Stargate Atlantis drabble, Imagine Whirled Peas!

05/28/12 — The brilliant mific made a podfic of my SGA story The Totally True Story of Two Men About to Have Sex! Download it at mific's journal.

05/21/12 — I wrote a Doctor Who fic! Find it on the Misc page: The Box, The Sea, Rose, Her Mum, The Doctor's Heart (and the rest of him).

01/16/12 — New Stargate Atlantis fic, Subversions: five kinky drabbles make up one kinky story. Written for Kink Bingo.

01/01/12 — And now happy new year! I found this X-Files drabble rattling around in my LJ and thought I'd put it somewhere safe: Renew.

12/24/11 — Merry Christmas Eve! I spent the day trying to drag my website into the new millenium. I replaced all the tables with css, and I really really hope it works for you, if you are, in fact, even reading this. If something is screwy, please email me and describe the problem.

05/15/11 — Written for Kink Bingo: Two Bells, a Stargate Atlantis fic about bells and blindfolds.

02/28/11 — New Stargate Atlantis fic. Home Economics: Think galactically, act locally.

09/02/10 — Added podfic of my Stargate Atlantis fic Vanilla.

08/31/10 — I recorded my Stargate Atlantis fic Pictures from a Moving Car as podfic.

01/25/10 — What's this? New Sports Night?! No, we haven't fallen into a time warp. Just into a spot of nostalgia: Midnight, New Jersey.

11/09/09 — Read The Totally True Story of Two Men About to Have Sex, a seat-of-my-pants parody, filed under Stargate Atlantis and crack.

10/21/09 — Early, a Stargate Atlantis ficlet finally back from its tour of LiveJournal.

09/18/09 — Stargate Atlantis drabble, with kisses: The Compromise of Living with Genius. And maybe you'll be interested in Anatsuno's revised edition of That Particular Month, now available in podbook and mp3.

05/28/09 — New Stargate Atlantis fic with the first of what will hopefully be many kisses: Caught.

03/22/09 — New-to-you (possibly) Stargate Atlantis ficlet featuring Rodney McKay's tummy: Book Club.

03/18/09 — New Stargate Atlantis fic, The King of Atlantis, wherein John and Rodney play video games. One day I will stop writing stories about Katamari Damacy. This is not that day.

02/26/09 — Tiny little Stargate Atlantis AU: Dr. Rodney's Science Corner.

02/18/09 — Made things pinker! Also added an old Smallville drabble, No man is an island, but I am no man, and a new Stargate Atlantis podfic for Housekeeping.

08/21/08 — New Stargate Atlantis fic, Housekeeping. And, there's probably something new on the podfic page, like a podbook of Gun, with Occasional Kangaroo.

06/22/08 — Want a tiny Psych ficlet? You're in the right place! Try Desk Job, on the misc page.

06/18/08 — More kink! Vanilla on the Stargate Atlantis page. Though it's exactly as tame as it sounds. Also, did you know I made a podfic of Sab's Sports Night fic April in Paris (The Hemingway Remix)?

06/09/08 — A Bones fic written by Punk and Sab, (You and) Things Like You can be found on the misc page!

06/03/08 — My New Pants is now available as podfic in the Scrubs section thanks to the voice stylings of Sab. And what's this? Another new Stargate Atlantis fic for kink bingo: Performing Arts. Probably we should just assume that things are going to be a little kinky around here for a while unless stated otherwise. I've still got 23 squares to go!

05/28/08 — New Stargate Atlantis fic for LJ's kink bingo comm: The Sun that Comes Out of the Clock.

02/29/08 — Two Stargate Atlantis things. First, a fic: Pictures from a Moving Car, 1000 words exactly for the picfor1000 challenge. Second: a beautiful new cover for Equinox from le mot mo.

09/26/07 — The last of the March stragglers added to the Stargate Atlantis page: Quota, and an all new podfic page.

09/17/07 — Yet more stragglers from March. Maybe, Morning and Fisting: A Non-Fiction Essay by John Sheppard now on the Stargate Atlantis page.

09/08/07 — New Stargate Atlantis fic, The Bottom Line.

08/08/07 — Added two stragglers to the Stargate Atlantis page. Both from March's crazy fic-a-day project: Lovesick and T2T.

03/31/07 — Lots of new Stargate Atlantis fics, all McKay/Sheppard: As hands do [G], Planet of the Muddy Apes [R], Hard Candy [PG], The Astrophysicist's Guide to Sex Toys [NC-17], How to Date an Asshole [NC-17], Ukani [G], The Slave Trade [PG], A Short History of Dog Tags [R], Accord [PG], Prodigy [NC-17], Fitting [PG], Equinox [PG], Furlough [NC-17], The nth Doctor [G], Tabled [R], A Lorentzian Slip of the Tongue [NC-17], Casual [PG-13], Industrial Arts [NC-17].

02/16/07 — Got a little Stargate Atlantis AU for you, Zing, where Rodney is a dentist and John is his hot assistant. Also, it's Valentine's Day.

01/26/07 — Filed under miscellaneous: I put up a link to a little Katamari Damacy fic I posted in my LiveJournal, Singapore Standard Time is the same as Australian Western Standard Time.

01/15/07 — I've got a new Smallville fic, and some art for an old one. First things first. New fic: Q.E.D., in which Clark pretends to be gay, and then pretends not to be gay, and then has to decide which he is. And old fic: Curator of the Life & Death Museum has been given a great cover by Laura Beard.

11/25/06 — Oh! I forgot to tell you that ileliberte drew a scene inspired by one of the drabbles in Able to Zoo. It's John and Teyla and it's beautiful.

11/06/06 — Stargate Atlantis again. Twenty-six drabbles conveniently packaged together in one fic, Able to Zoo. Lots of John/Rodney, lots of gen, one f/f, and various and sundry m/m and m/f pairings.

09/12/06 — Sab and I wrote a new Stargate Atlantis fic, The Mind/Body Problem. It's very long.

07/05/06 — This here is a brand new X-Files story. Never before touched by human hands! One of a kind -- that's not rust it's a gen-u-ine patina -- it's ten bucks, but for you I'll go seven. Trust me when I say that is a bargain. Just seven dollars and Flea Market Economy is yours!

07/03/06 — Helen's getting hitched, and as part of the festivities, Sab and I wrote her a little Stargate Atlantis present, The one where John and Rodney work at Starbucks.

06/14/06 — Livia made me a fantastic cover for my Due South story Nne-lla-go'tinné. See?

06/02/06 — Site redesign! Sort of!

06/01/06 — I added links to a Stargate Atlantis drabble, Mad scientist, and a Kingdom Hearts thingy, Island, that I posted on my LJ.

04/12/06 — New...ish X-Files fic. It's All of his Funerals (Back in Black 2006 Remix), rewritten for the new millennium! Plus I added a new way to look at my XF fic: Chronologically. With the most recent stories at the top, you can now just avoid everything I wrote in 1997, wholesale.

04/04/06 — On the miscellaneous page, Scrubs' Dr. John Dorian confronts important sociopolitical fashion choices in My New Pants.

02/11/06 — Yet more miscellany, Katamari Damacy's King of All Cosmos stars (heh) in Why Tycho Quit Drinking.

02/06/06 — As Rodney once said, "Lesbians? Pinch me!" So Pares and I wrote him some lesbians: Superpowers on the Stargate Atlantis page.

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