Misc Express

Desk Job
[Psych, 2kb, G]: Office hijinks.

Errata written w/Tiffany Rawlins
[Everwood, 38kb, R]: It's hard to do this one-handed.

[My Own Private Idaho, 6kb, R]: A narcoleptic travelogue.

[Kingdom Hearts, 2kb, G]: The water feels like wind, like flying.

Licked to Death written w/Sabine
[Sentinel, 14kb, PG]: Because this is a crossover, Mulder and Scully show up.

Like a Fish Needs an Anthropologist
[Sentinel, 13kb, G]: The truth was he was lucky, and most days he knew it. Not the days Sandburg made wheat grass shakes in the blender and forgot to rinse it out, but most of the others.

A Medium Story About Undershorts and Waffles
[Medium, 4kb, G]: Absolutely no one had tried to kill her in her sleep.

My New Pants
[Scrubs, 18kb, PG]: JD's having one of those days.
» Podfic by Dr_Fumbles_McStupid on AO3
» Podfic by Sab on AO3

Singapore Standard Time is the same as Australian Western Standard Time
[Katamari Damacy, 4kb, PG]: Earth people are weird.

So You Want to Leave More Feedback
[Meta, 6kb, G]: Do you want to leave more feedback? Here's how I do it.

Strange New Worlds, Etc.
[Star Trek, 1kb, G]: In which Mr. Spock unwittingly discovers rural Iowa is as strange a place as any other in the universe.

Saturday Morning [Locked to AO3]
[Pinto, 3kb, G]: The morning after the night before.

They Might be Millionaires! written w/Sabine
[ABC, 25kb, PG]: Regis put a hand out like a karate chop.

Why Tycho Quit Drinking
[Katamari Damacy, 7kb, G]: Trailing a cloud of stardust and gin, drunk and possibly missing his crown, the King goes home.

(You and) Things Like You written w/Sabine
[Bones, 15kb, G]: A book about sex.

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