Stargate Atlantis

Able to Zoo
[Various, 24kb, R]: Twenty-six stories about five or six people.
» Artwork by Ileliberte
» Picture book by Anna Luna
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 7kb, PG]: Apparently John and Rodney had done Teyla grievous harm by discussing Star Trek in front of her.
» Available as podfic

As hands do
[McKay/Sheppard, 7kb, G]: Einstein said putting your hand on a hot stove could make a minute feel like an hour.
» Cover by Cybel
» Available as podfic
» Available as a hat!

The Astrophysicist's Guide to Sex Toys
[McKay/Sheppard, 7kb, NC-17]: Sheppard's like a kid in some kind of store.
» Available as podfic

Blind Date
[McKay/Sheppard, 1kb, G]: In a blind trial, the subject does not know if he is part of the experimental group or the control group. Or: Rodney forgets about negotiation.

Book Club
[McKay/Sheppard, 3kb, G]: Rodney is rarely quiet for extended periods of time.
» Podfic by reena_jenkins on AO3

The Bottom Line
[McKay/Sheppard, 12kb, NC-17]: This time the angry mob was Rodney's fault. Won 2nd place in 2007 McShep Awards for Aliens Made Them Do It.

[McKay/Sheppard, 17kb, PG-13]: Why did the zombie cross the road?
» Podfic by mific on AO3

[McKay/Sheppard, 28kb, R]: Featuring John Sheppard as The Man.

[McKay/Sheppard, 7kb, PG-13]: Rodney's sweatshirt is soft and worn.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 22kb, PG]: Jeannie once told him he was no catch.

The Compromise of Living with Genius
[McKay/Sheppard, 1kb, G]: It strikes without warning.

Dr. Rodney's Science Corner
[AU, 3kb, G]: Check your local listings for date and time.
» Manip by Crysothemis
» Read Catalysis for Dummies by Crysothemis
» Read Steady State by thedeadparrot
» Podfic by aethel on AO3

[McKay/Sheppard, 2kb, G]: Outside, the sky's a sweet orangy pink.

[McKay/Sheppard, 10kb, PG]: Sheppard, drunk and conferring with the flowers.
» Cover by le mot mo
» Available as podfic

Fisting: A Non-Fiction Essay by John Sheppard
[McKay/Sheppard, 4kb, NC-17]: It was Rodney's idea.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 5kb, PG]: It's easier to get Rodney McKay out of his pants than into them.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 11kb, NC-17]: Earth's not home anymore.
» Available as podfic
» Read the I've Got a Theory Remix by wearemany

Hard Candy
[McKay/Sheppard, 4kb, PG]: Jolly Rancher's watermelon candies have no citric acid, and instead get their tartness from a chemical derived from sour apples.
» Available as podfic

Home Economics
[McKay/Sheppard, 13kb, G]: Think galactically, act locally.

The Hot Phlebotomist
[McKay/Sheppard, 24kb, G]: There's the usual business with the alcohol wipe and the stretchy bit of tubing, then the hot guy in the lab coat tells Rodney to make a fist.

[McKay/Sheppard, 22kb, NC-17]: Maybe there was something to this shaving thing after all.
» Cover by Cybel
» Available as podfic

How to Date an Asshole
[McKay/Sheppard, 14kb, NC-17]: They're at an impasse. Won 1st place in 2007 McShep Awards for Kink.
» Available as podfic

A Hundred Hundred Bolts of Satin
[Gen, 14kb, G]: The sun is high overhead, the sky a brilliant, cloudless blue.
» Available as podfic

Imagine Whirled Peas
[McKay/Sheppard, 1kb, G]: His other pro-tolerance bumper sticker is also condescending.
» Podfic by reena_jenkins on AO3

Industrial Arts
[McKay/Sheppard, 7kb, NC-17]: The important thing is that Rodney has a wrench and John's lurking in the doorway, staring at his ass.
» Available as podfic

Just Say When
[McKay/Sheppard, 5kb, G]: No one knows who they are or where they're going. They're just two boring gay guys on vacation.

The King of Atlantis
[McKay/Sheppard, 28kb, PG]: Carson assigns John a Marine and gives him strict instructions not to set foot outside his quarters.
» Podfic by mific on AO3

A Lorentzian Slip of the Tongue
[McKay/Sheppard, 14kb, NC-17]: Rodney isn't a Freudian.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 5kb, R]: It may be impairing his judgment. Just a little.
» Commentary by Paceus
» Available as podfic

Mad scientist
[McKay, 1kb, G]: Dr. McKay yells a lot.

[McKay/Sheppard, 3kb, G]: One way it might go.
» Artwork by Ileliberte
» Available as podfic
» Read John's POV by apple_pi
» Read Rodney's POV by Sera

The Mind/Body Problem written w/Sab
[Sheppard/Weir, McKay/Sheppard, 114kb, NC-17]: Rodney's limp, Weir looks hot in red, Ronon's a trooper, Tucker gets hit by a rock, Carson's making stuff up as he goes along, and Radek Zelenka needs a vacation. Meanwhile, John takes a shower.

[McKay/Sheppard, 4kb, PG]: After.
» Available as podfic

The nth Doctor
[McKay/Sheppard, 8kb, G]: Geniuses work best when warm.
» Available as podfic

The one where John and Rodney work at Starbucks written w/Sab
[McKay/Sheppard, 8kb, G]: John is twenty years old, an art student, and obviously a complete waste of space.

Performing Arts
[McKay/Sheppard, 13kb, NC-17]: John through the looking glass.

Pictures from a Moving Car
[McKay/Sheppard, 8kb, PG]: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step of getting Rodney McKay in the damn car.
» Podfic by Punk on AO3

Planet of the Muddy Apes
[McKay/Sheppard, 4kb, R]: Their pants are a total loss.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 7kb, NC-17]: John's created a blowjob monster.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 3kb, PG]: Rodney's keeping track.
» Available as podfic

A Short History of Dog Tags
[McKay/Sheppard, 9kb, R]: Sheppard doesn't have tits, but Rodney's willing to overlook that.
» Available as podfic

The Slave Trade
[McKay/Sheppard, 14kb, PG]: Sheppard's gone and gotten himself enslaved again.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 5kb, R]: This is his reward, not because he's been good, but because he hasn't.

The Sun that Comes Out of the Clock
[McKay/Sheppard, 9kb, NC-17]: There's no getting around it. It's an orgy.

Superpowers written w/Pares
[Rodney/lesbians, 14kb, PG]: Rodney McKay and laser beams of Lesbos.

[Crack, 4kb, G]: The secret life of furniture. Sequel to Tabled.

[McKay/Sheppard, 5kb, R]: In Atlantis, the tables can hear you scream.
» Artwork by Steammmpunk
» Available as podfic

The Totally True Story of Two Men About to Have Sex
[Parody, 5kb, R]: Whatever the opposite of Good, Giving, and Game is.
» Podfic by mific on AO3

Two Bells
[McKay/Sheppard, 38kb, G]: He's saying things. Things he'd never say if he weren't wearing a blindfold.

[Team, 6kb, G]: The Ukani need the sea.
» Available as podfic

[McKay/Sheppard, 6kb, G]: Love in the time of drawstring underpants.

[McKay/Sheppard, 11kb, PG]: Rodney doesn't know whether he should go for the ice cream or Sheppard's mouth.
» Podfic by Punk on AO3

When the Subject is a Fraction
[McKay/Sheppard, 8kb, PG]: Cadman left something behind.

[McKay/Sheppard, 5kb, G]: Rodney thought he'd cancelled Valentine's Day.

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