The X-Files

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About a Keychain
[Angst, 18kb, PG]: Scully and a tattooed friend attempt to make Mulder fess up on the significance of that elusive keychain.

Across a Desk
[Angst, 12kb, G]: Mulder and Scully face off over his desk. Scully gets a little help from an unexpected source.

[h/c, 8kb, G]: Scully falls non-fatally ill and is just delirious enough to ask for Mulder's help.

All of His Funerals
[Angst, 6kb, G]: Scully waits by Mulder's grave.

All of His Funerals (Back in Black 2006 Remix)
[Angst, 5kb, G]: Nine years later, Scully's still waiting for Mulder to die.

Anyone with a Gun written w/Sab as V. Salmone
[MSR, 18kb, PG]: Mulder, Scully, and a gun.
» Podfic by analise010 on AO3

Between Partners
[M/S UST, 6kb, G]: Mulder and Scully have a conversation on a couch. And just to be difficult they don't use any words.

[Angst, 5kb, G]: Set during Memento Mori. Mulder waits in a hospital hallway.

[Gen, 6kb, G]: She looked out of place next to the UFO photographs that were tacked to the wall above her head.

[Scully/m, 30kb, PG]: She never talked about her time with the FBI.

Dreams Melt as Snow
[MSR, 8kb, G]: Scully's dreams get tangled up with the snow, and she finds that sometimes it's just best to let them both go.

Escape Speed
[MSR, 12kb, R]: Mulder and Scully, driving. It's the feel good hit of the season.

False Footing
[Angst, 11kb, G]: Set during Memento Mori. Scully considers what her life is like now that she must share it with cancer.

Flea Market Economy
[MSR, 66kb, R]: She gets the feeling this is Mulder's fault, because these things usually are.

The Hotel Bed: A Universal Invariant
[Crack, 16kb, PG]: Scully is having trouble sleeping. She gets angry at her pajamas and rearranges some furniture. Not necessarily in that order.

How to Fake an Orgasm written w/Sab as V. Salmone
[Mulder/f, MSR, 140kb, R]: Mulder, Scully, and the other woman.

[Rift, 136kb, R]: Mulder and Scully investigate the circumstances surrounding a fifteen-year-old girl's multiple disappearances.
» Cover by wen

Inside a Warehouse
[Crack, 13kb, PG]: Mulder and Scully find themselves in a familiar fanfic setting. Unfortunately for them, the little voices inside their heads have got designs on running the show.

The Jukebox at Fall Arrow Inn
[M/S UST, 11kb, G]: Mulder and Scully make a stop on their way to the middle of nowhere.

Just Temporary
[a series in progress]: A look backwards, to the beginning.

[M/K UST, 5kb, PG]: This is Krycek's job. Won 3rd place in 2002 Spookys for Outstanding Krycek Characterization.

Licked to Death written w/Sab
[XO, 14kb, PG]: Because this is a crossover, Mulder and Scully show up.

Lived and Were
[Angst, 9kb, G]: Scully tries to put Mulder into words.

Living with the Dreaming Body
[MSR, 14kb, PG]: The heart is an involuntary muscle.

Lost in Translation
[MSG, 4kb, PG]: Hell Money on acid.

Mixed Signals
[Parody, 18kb, PG]: Mulder and Scully have a little trouble with their background music.

Moot Point #1: The Wedding
[Parody, 16kb, PG]: Scully's plans to get married are disturbed when Mulder shows up at the last minute, and then Mulder's plans are complicated when Scully develops an attitude. Furthermore, everybody keeps interrupting them, and everybody's plans need to be put on hold.

Moot Point #2: By Any Other Name
[Parody, 7kb, PG]: The phone rings. Someone picks it up. A conversation. Denouement.

Moot Point #3: The Conspiracy Conspiracy
[Parody, 9kb, PG]: The Cigarette Smoking Man flaunts his knowledge.

Moot Point #4: The Edge
[Parody, 7kb, PG]: Scully delves into the possibilities of the edge.

[Gen, 2kb, PG]: Lighting his last cigarette, he surveyed the gloom of his kingdom.

Mulder Time
[Goofy, 9kb, G]: A trek back in time to a goofier, more excitable Mulder and a Scully who would laugh out loud. Think "Pilot."

My Affairs
[Angst, 9kb, PG]: Scully finds herself writing a letter.

An Ode to Sweeps
[Poem, 2kb, G]: Originally posted to

[Angst, 23kb, PG]: Apocalypse doesn't always mean the end of the world.
» Cover by Trelawney

Other Night
[M/S UST, 13kb, G]: It's Halloween. Mulder and Scully decide to dress up.

Our Kryceks
[Meta, 4kb, R]: He was betrayed with a kiss, he passed it on.

Our Mulders
[Meta, 4kb, PG]: We were cruising for trouble when we picked up Fox Mulder.

Our Scullys
[Meta, 4kb, PG]: We were looking for a hero, but we found Dana Scully.
» Cover by idella
» Podfic by idellaphod on AO3

Our Skinners
[Meta, 4kb, PG]: Things fall apart.

Pocket Full of Kryptonite
[Pendrell, 7kb, G]: Pendrell spends a quiet evening at home and contemplates calling Scully.

[XO, 1kb, G]: It was like no one ever went in there.

[MSR, 5kb, R]: A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful.

The Second to Last 7-Eleven written w/Sab as V. Salmone
[MSR, 122kb, R]: Fire. Texas. Family. Won 2nd place in 2000 Spookys for Outstanding Long Story.
» Cover by Trelawney
» Story trailer by Trelawney

Spooky Action Bonus Fun Hour
[Noir, 9kb, PG]: I'm Fox Mulder, and I'm from the future.

St. Scully and The Zucchini Man
[Goofy, 11kb, G]: Lucky Scully gets two marriage proposals in one sitting.

Straightforwardly written w/Sab as V. Salmone
[M/S UST, 5kb, G]: The short version.

Strange Fruit
[MSR, 21kb, PG]: A story about pomegranates and kisses and Mulder. Won 1st place in 2000 Spookys for Outstanding MSR UST.

Travelling with Children written w/Sab
[MSR, 11kb, PG]: In the armory we have: one revolver, some rope, a candlestick, a knife, a wrench, and a fork.

[Gen, 9kb, PG]: "What's the last thing you remember?" she asked. A better question would have been, What is the first thing you don't remember?

Unused Morning written w/Sab as V. Salmone
[1kb, G]: In the morning.

Venture Forth
[Mulder/f, 165kb, PG]: Believe me, sir, had I such venture forth, / The better part of my affections would / Be with my hopes abroad. Won 2nd place in 1998 Spookys for Outstanding Mulder/other.

Venture Forth: Navigation
[M/S UST, 15kb, PG]: Venture Forth universe, Scully spends three days searching for Mulder.

The Wabash, Far Away
[Sk/M UST, 20kb, PG]: Skinner's a long way from home and his thoughts begin to drift.

The Wabash, Far Away 2
[M/S UST, 18kb, PG]: What happened next.

Warning: Love May Cause Drowsiness
[M/S UST, 15kb, G]: My first fic. It's warm and fuzzy and out of character, but mostly harmless. Scully's got cramps and takes some muscle relaxants. Mulder thinks she's cute.

The Weaker Sex
[AU, 40kb, PG]: The pilot, genderflipped.

The Winter Vein
[M/S, 12kb, PG]: A sliver of ice in a lonely heart.

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