due South

The First Six Times
[F/K, 3kb, PG]: The rundown.

Gun, with Occasional Kangaroo: A Love Story
[F/K, 76kb, PG]: Frannie's got a romance novel with a big strapping Mountie on the cover, shirt hanging open, hair blowing in the wind, you know the kind.
» Cover by Cybel
» Podfic by zabira on AO3

The Lipstick Mafia
[F/K, 13kb, PG]: He's covered in a thin coat of grime, like a coal miner, or a TV orphan.
» Podfic by mific on Internet Archive

[F/K, 8kb, PG]: This first land was just big enough for the house that was on it. There were three people in the house.
» Cover by Livia Penn

Verse Chorus Verse
[F/K, 22kb, PG]: The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.
     » Cover by Livia Penn
» Available as podfic

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