Sports Night

Fan Mail from a Flounder
[Dan/Casey, 21kb, PG]: An epistolary thing.

Junk Novels written w/Sab
[Dan/Casey, 26kb, PG]: Dan has pretzels, Casey leads a small revolution, and Juan's at camp.

Player Piano written w/Sab
[Dan/Casey, 21kb, PG]: The combo went back to New York.

Midnight, New Jersey
[Dan, 8kb, G]: The clock ticks over.

Tin Men
[Dan/Casey, 13kb, PG]: Danny's living in borrowed shorts. Casey looks on.

Travelling with Children written w/Sab
[XO, 11kb, PG]: In the armory we have: one revolver, some rope, a candlestick, a knife, a wrench, and a fork.

Unbreakable Players
[Dan/Casey, 7kb, PG]: Spilled coffee, mysterious boxes, and tapered back toe.

Welcome to the Monkey House
[Dan/Casey, 1kb, G]: Evolution.

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