West Wing

[Sam/Ainsley, 11kb, PG]: She may have seen a peach there, and later he would watch her eat it. Won 1st place in 2001 Jeds for Outstanding Sam/Ainsley.

Drunk written w/Sab
[Josh/Donna, 31kb, PG]: Donna is marvelous, Sam's a mixed drink, CJ can dance, Ainsley's having tequila, and Josh is any one of the Seven Dwarves.

Everything he almost had
[Sam, 10kb, PG]: He didn't want this.

Exit Tax
[CJ, 34kb, PG]: CJ Cregg, working for the man.

Fish and Frigates
[CJ, 11kb, PG]: Coffee, God, Country.

VC-25A written w/Sab
[Ensemble, 27kb, G]: CJ, Sam, Ainsley, filet of sole, Toby, a raft, some other people, and a room with a glass door, in the great tradition of experimental dinner theater.

Weak Passes written w/Sab
[Sam/Donna, 28kb, G]: It's lobsters and Sam.

You and Me in a Rowboat to Rio written w/Sab
[Josh/Sam, 28kb, PG]: You can never go home again, but sometimes you can go to Florida.

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